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Virtual Care

We care about our community.  And we understand that we have entered a time when social distancing and patient safety is extremely important.  Our newly launched Virtual Care program was designed to help deliver care when a patient needs to be seen and is unable to be seen at the clinic. Although it is not our goal to replace our exceptional hands-on care with virtual care, there are times when this care may be more appropriate. It is our goal to maintain a strong connection between our patients and their providers and this is just another way we can care for you.

Appointments that may be appropriate for Virtual Care Option include but not limited to:

-Medication check-in, refill and/or follow up

-Review and/or follow up of laboratory results or diagnostic imaging

-Chronic conditions that may not require hands-on exam or additional lab work

-Hospital/ER follow ups not requiring hands-on exam.

To learn more about Virtual Care and if this type of visit would be appropriate for you and your provider, call 322-1000 and our clinic team will help navigate that process.

During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, Virtual Care visits are covered like an in-person appointment by most private insurances as well as Medicare and Medicaid.

If you have been scheduled for a Virtual Care appointment, please choose from one of the following links, depending on device, to install.

 Virtual Visit Telehealth Install Skype for Business on iOS

Virtual Visit Telehealth Install Skype for Business on Android

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