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Specialty Clinics

Stillwater Billings Clinic proudly hosts visiting specialists in the clinic each month. These specialty clinics bring quality healthcare expertise right here, close to home. Your primary care provider may make a referral to one of these specialists or you call us for more information.


Zachary J Appel, PA Zachary Appel is a provider who specializes in Electrophysiology, Cardiology. Upcoming Date(s): June 14


We are pleased to have Dr. Caitlyn Bolender as one of our many Visiting Specialists from Billings Clinic. Dr. Bolender offers Dermatology at Stillwater Billings Clinic every other month.  Dr. Caitlyn Bolender UPCOMING CLINIC: May 9


Upcoming Clinic: Dr. Nathaniel Rieb June 20 June 27


Stillwater Billings Clinic is now offering monthly OB/GYN visits. Tiffany L. Stensvad, CNM, will be onsite on Monday, June 19. To schedule an appointment, please call 406-238-2501. Tiffany L. Stensvad, CNM Chantielle Blackwell, CNM Sarah M. Dorsey, CNM Alicia M. more »


Do you have a bone or other skeletal injury? Are you suffering from degenerative joint disease, arthritis or a related condition? Are you in need of or have you had a joint replacement? A referral to an Orthopedic Clinic by more »


David L. Ekman, DPM UPCOMING CLINIC: June 5 – Dr. David Ekman, DPM  


This specialty clinic brings quality healthcare expertise right here, close to home.  Visiting specialists from Billings Clinic offer appointments in Columbus at Stillwater Billings Clinic. Do you have concerns of bladder dysfunction or concerns about your prostate? Visit with your more »

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