Colorectal cancer screening can save your life and is recommended for everyone who is over 50 years old or older. These screening tests can find precancerous polyps and remove them before they turn into cancer. So what is the screening test and are there more than one? They may include a fecal occult blood test, sigmoidoscopy, or colonoscopy. Early detection is the key to diagnosis and treatment if needed.

Who performs the procedure?

Dr. David Kane has performed well over 500 colonoscopies and performs the procedures weekly right here at Stillwater Billings Clinic in Columbus. Providing the procedure in our local medical facility saves patients travel and time. Dr Kane says, “Some patients say they would not have the test done if they had to travel for it. I hope that by providing access to this procedure right here in our facility, we have saved some of our patients from developing colon cancer.”

Call today to schedule your appointment to visit with Dr. Kane or any of the providers about your need for colorectal cancer screening today!

Outpatient IV Therapy and Injections

Stillwater Billings Clinic provides convenient outpatient services for patients who require frequent infusions of medications, including those with central lines. Stillwater Billings Clinic IV Therapy and Injections are administered to patients with blood disorders, those requiring intravenous antibiotics or treatments. Many times outpatient therapy services may allow a patient to return to their home from the hospital and visit Stillwater Billings Clinic for their infusions.