11 May 2023

Meet Our New Speech Language Pathologist


Molly is originally from Beaumont, Texas and recently moved to Montana after her professional journey led her to Columbus. She is a mom of 2 boys, and grandmother of 1.

After visiting Montana and Billings Clinic to assist her mother-in-law during her knee replacement surgery and rehab, she was pleasantly surprised and grateful for the exceptional care and patient-centered approach to healthcare. “I feel like I found my ‘unicorn’ job and work family here, at Stillwater Billings Clinic,” said Molly Schaefer, M.S., CCC-SLP.

Her empathy and compassion for her patients does not come at a small price, she is a cancer survivor and has utilized her life-changing diagnosis to assist in a patient’s (and their families) recovery process which sometimes includes language, swallowing, and cognitive communication skills.

“If you cannot communicate or eat, everything goes downhill. People find enjoyment in food and a need to express themselves. Without that, a person can be limited by their quality of life and it is my job to break down barriers and bridge the gap between patients and their families, friends, and others around them. Sometimes, patients need help adapting to a ‘New Normal’ and that is where I come into play.”

Speech Language Pathology services offered at Stillwater Billings Clinic (provided for acute inpatients, skilled care, and outpatients.


-Cognitive communication skills


-Speech sound disorders

-Voice disorder

-Motor speech/dysarthria


-Feeding and swallowing


If you would like to learn more about Molly and our Speech Language Pathologist program, call 406-322-1055.

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