21 Oct 2020

This Week is National Health Education Week

Women’s Health & Stress

Our Community Health Services would like to bring to awareness, the importance of women’s health in relationship to stress.  Given these unprecedented times, it is extremely important to get plenty of rest, exercise, proper nutrition, and take time to relax.  As a whole, our community has been stretched with the challenges that this pandemic has presented for so many.

Stress in women can present itself in many different ways.  While some stress is natural, it’s important to self-check and monitor your levels.  If you are experiencing any major abnormal behavior, or stress seems to be long-term, please reach out to your healthcare provider and seek help.

Here is a helpful link regarding stress, symptoms, management, and questions: https://www.womenshealth.gov/mental-health/good-mental-health/stress-and-your-health

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